Thank you for your vote in the Primary! I would appreciate receiving your vote for Kansas State Board of Education Member, District 6 in the General election! I consider it an honor to have the opportunity to represent YOUR educational interests in Topeka, Kansas!

Dear Friends,

During my visits with many of you who reside in the many communities located within the 6th District of the Kansas Board of Education, I have found each of you to have a great interest in ensuring that our children and youth receive an excellent education and that it be delivered as efficiently and effectively as is possible.

It is my belief that the Kansas State Board of Education plays a critical role as a partner with local school districts in ensuring that education provided by Kansas Accredited Schools is of a high quality regardless of the zip code(s) which they serve. Each student must have the opportunity to develop the skills necessary to either immediately enter the workforce and/or to pursue post-secondary education to further prepare for their future careers. While making decisions as a member of the State Board, I will always FIRST consider how my decision will affect the excellent education all Kansans expect our children and grandchildren to receive. 

It is, I believe, also imperative that local school boards be provided with the tools needed to ensure effective and efficient use of school funds. It is important that we strive to ensure that location and size of a school district is not a factor in its ability to ensure that education is delivered in an effective and efficient manner.

The future well-being of the Kansas economy depends on the quality of education we provide our future citizens. With YOUR involvement, we can work together to ensure that Kansas education is second to none! 

Thank you for your input, your support and your vote in November!


Deena Horst

920 South 9th Street
Salina Kansas 67401
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